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Residence: Uzbecká 572/32, 625 00 Brno - Bohunice
IČ: 25531603
DIČ: CZ25531603
Authorized capital: 20 million Czech Crowns
Statutory body JUDr. Jaroslav Halas officer
Single share holder of PERSEUS SLOVAKIA, s.r.o., Bratislava, Slovakia

The company Rent-Pharm,a.s. was established 1998 for puppose of privatization of Pharmaceutic services Brno-venkov. From beginning when company operated as first of pharmacy on Orlí in Brno the company futher on framed till today´s condition and now she operate 8 pharmacies in Czech Republic with annual sales about 640 mill. Czech Crowns, company shares on operation of pharmacies in Slovakia, runs the distribution of medicaments and attends to series more commercial assets and charitable activities.

Our customers are above all pharmacies, suppliers and producers of medicaments and medical´s material, hospitals and other health care institutions and last but not least Czech post.

The company Rent-Pharm, as.s is focusing on complex care of patients it is including the widest spectrum of modern pharmaceuticals, specil consultations and consultancy and fully comply for suit to needs of clients and uplift norm of pharmaceutical´s care and service in all our pharmacies.

About quality our work agree among others cooperation with Health institution MV in delivery of medicaments and medical´s material for needs of the section and as in Cezech Republic so in foreign countries.

Within the frame of activity we offer of the complete assortment of medical appliabces and we are respected the partner for complex security requirements on accessories and provision of motion no-sickbed medical´s equipments.

In the vending assortments are products of companies which realize all legislative´s norms and they are keeping right progresses in quality control. Regular training is secured of employees of the all chains offered product line.

Except business activities the Rent-Pharm,a.s. devotes also beneficences and supports education and next development of medics and patients.

We cooperate actively 2 years as partners ans sponsors with cooperation Podané ruce, non-national organization which is working in areas of prevention and treatment for drug´s addictions already 13 years. The assotiation Podané ruce topically gives in 16 years for common´s population risk´s goups, individuals (first youth) and for experimenters are services primary´s prevention and specific primary´s prevention of drug´s addictions.

Since 2000 when the programme arose, was created broad range area of education and rendition of informations associated with problems of non-alcoholic drug´s addiction and drugs generally.

In area of support education of medical and laic public we sponsor actions of special´s companies and exhabition of medical technologies for example: Brno´s traumatologic days, congress of the Czech´s nurses, Hospimedica Brno, etc.

Except all we arrange also individual educational seminars for orthopaedic, surgical´s wards and rehabilitative´s workplaces.

The admittance to our partners and customers it features first appreciation their gadgets and finding of individual resolution with use up-to-date technologie. The our´s aim is that every resolution yielded reduce of charges or raise of return and competitive advantage in his branch to customers. Long-standing experience with control of project, good knowledge, team of experienced collaborators and tested ability cater to supplies at keep of terms and budgets it makes possible to us realize orders to entire our customers.


We encourage Masaryk´s oncological institution.

Our highly skilled personnel consult to you with pleasure and suggests alternative treatment. your problems, consult on choice of medical cosmetics, with reduction excess weight. We offer you also wide variety of humane medicaments and therapeutics,vitamins, minerals, homeopathics, health material and braces.

Let you measure in our place blood pressure

By request We give over you customer card, you can to take advantage of deductions during all the year.

FREE INFOLINE: 800 110 310

According to independent of inquiry done by daily MF Dnes pharmacies were evaluated by company Rent-Pharm as pharmacies with lowest additional charges onto medicaments.

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